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Mental Health Monday: Decoding the Teenage Brain

The teenage years can be difficult. One moment, they are including us in their lives and decisions. The next, it may seem like our teens are in another world, impossible to reach. There are many developmental reasons for this, one being teenage brain development....

It’s World Mental Health Day: Do you need support?

Today is world mental health day, a day set aside to prioritize and protect mental health and well-being for all people.   Throughout the pandemic, while physical health was highlighted, underlying mental health needs continued to climb. An estimated 25%...

Mental Health Monday: Types of Boundaries

You may have heard people talk about "boundaries" in relationships. What are boundaries? How do we identify them? How do we know if our boundaries have been broken? How do I start setting boundaries? Sometimes we overcomplicate boundaries but, in it’s simplest form, a...

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