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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you’re looking for a meaningful opportunity to positively impact your community while simultaneously growing your practice, you’re in the right place.

The Clear Path Counseling Network is a local non-profit counseling referral service, located in Sugar Hill/Buford, Georgia. We proudly serve the metro Atlanta areas. As providers, when our clients reach out for help, they may feel stuck. It’s common to have trouble finding a therapist with an opening, paneled with their insurance or an affordable self-pay option. Oftentimes, it is fear or a lack of education about the assessment process that leads clients into a place of uncertainty. This extra step of navigating the intake process can, at times, lead them to completely forego their search for help.

At Clear Path Counseling Network, we believe that reaching out for help is hard enough, finding it should be straightforward and simple. It is for this reason Clear Path Counseling Network was created.

Once a client visits our website, they fill out a quick assessment which takes about 10 minutes. From there, one of our clinicians will determine who of our approved referral providers might be a good fit. Our referrals to your practice will be matched based on clinical need, location and financial ability to pay out of pocket or utilize the client’s existing insurance coverage. After the assessment, we will email clients 2-3 clinical or pastoral referral options. We include your name, website link and any other contact information prospective clients may need to make the intake appointment with you.

We commit to handling the assessment and referral portion of the CP process, but we need valued clinicians such as yourself to join the network to provide the most specialized referrals possible. We won’t ever require a fee to join or maintain the referral status in our local network. We simply ask that you partner with us in our goal of providing diverse, grace-based, confidential, and non-judgmental care to our community.

We truly believe we are stronger together. Please join us by filling out the inquiry form below and a Clear Path staff member will contact you to discuss next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you!

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